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Website Games Put FREE Flash Games on your Web Site

Website Games Put FREE Flash Games on your Web Site instantly create code for a games drop down menu, a complete games page and much more by simply checking the boxes to choose your flash games. There are flash games and java of all types to choose from in many categories such as action, arcade, casino, puzzles, sports and strategy. It couldn't be quicker or easier to put free website games on your myspace, zanga or piczo site. Check the boxes for the flash website games you want to use to instantly create code to put flash games on your website. Put free flash games on your website without the trouble of having to perform the maintenance, upgrades and bug fixes. This will benefit your website through lower web hosting costs and server load for not having to use your web space or bandwidth. Generic, un-branded pages are used with this program so it still looks like your site for better integration into your website.

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  Website Games Put FREE Flash Games on your Web Site  

The types of game code you can create.

  • Addresses Only: a list of web addresses with the corresponding titles for webmasters who use a webpage editor that requires the raw web addresses.

  • HTML Links: a list of complete clickable links for you to put into your webpages. This is for Myspace, Piczo, Zanga users etc. Just paste the supplied code into your profile.

  • Games Drop Down Menu: you can put the games into a drop down menu were the user can click on their choice and be taken directly to their game.

  • Complete Webpage: a completed webpage that you can use like it is, or as a starting point to build it into one of your own pages.
Choose your preferred code type:
URL's Only   Clickable Links   Drop Down Menu Box   Complete Webpage

If you don't feel like doing that this is the code for a page with every game on it and is the easiest way to add all of the games. It is useful for blogs, forums or social websites like Myspace, Piczo or Zanga. Or if you a too lazy to add all of the games manually this is the way to go.

URL Only:

Clickable Link:   Copy this code below, opens into a new window. Click to view it.
<a href="" target="_blank">Play Free Games</a>

Choose which games you want to add, you can add them all if you like by simply checking the Select All box. Or check the boxes next to the names of your favorite games to select them individually. You can also click on the games to preview them in a new window.

Select/Unselect All Funny Slogan Creator Absolute Space
Air Fox Destroyer Airplane Flight Simulator Ancient Boy
Arrow Shooter Asteroids Baby Dance
Ball Bearing Ball in the Hole Ball Toy
BAP Breakout Flash Baseball Basketball
Flash Basketball Battleship Bejeweled
Book-it Breakout Bridges
Dodgeball Caterpillar Centipede
Chili Time Circle Pong Connect Four
Crazy Balls Curve Ball Defender of the Moon
Dig Dig Duck Hunt Eagles Quest
Falcon Jet Fighter Falling Stones Flash 3D Maze
Flash Asteroids Flash Darts Flash Fart Machine
Free Frogger Flash Match Flash Pong
Flash Roulette Flash Slots Flash Soccer
Flash Solitaire Flash Tic Tac Toe Funky Pong
Gaming Club Slots Helicopter Flight Simulator Hexxagon
Iceblox Lickety Splat Lucky Nugget Slots
Flash Lunar Lander Lunar Lander Super Mario Halloween Bash
Magic Square Mahjongg Mario
Mars Rover Mad Libs Missile Command
Flash Moon Patrol Flash Pacman Pig Latin Translator
Flash Blackjack Riverbelle Slots Flash Road Racer
Rush Hour Samurai Warrior Shapes
Sheep Herder Shell Game Shoot Em All
Shoot the Castle Shooting Range Flash Simon
Skyfighters 3D Driver Smash the Bugs
Snake Snake Pit Snake Shooter
Flash Soccer Space Blaster Space Hunter
Space Invaders Flash Space Invaders Spank the Monkey
Squid Hunter Star Castle Star Fighter Fury
Flash Star Wars Sudoku Puzzle Solver Super 3D Maze
Super Pcman Tail Gunner Tempest 1000
Flash Tetris Tic Tac Toe Torpedo Alley
Tower of Hanoi Tron Light Cycle Tux on the Run
UFO Attack Online Drum Set Warp Tank Shooter
Web War Whack a Duck Whack a Mole
Word Search Zapper Space Ship Shooter Etch a Sketch
Tank Wars Sonic the Hedgehog Arse Race
Sumo Wrestler Zelda Foot Racer
Drums Online Shark Attack Bash a Bot
Flash Frogger Farting Nun Organ Sharp Shooter Alley
Flash Fishing Skeeter Splatter Life Saver
Back Road Smuggler Frozen Bubble Shoot Bin laden
3D Ping Pong Alien Invasion Little Wizard
Wermz Donkey Kong Frisbee Dog
Barb Jump Dragonball Z Half-Life 2 Total Mayhem
Action Driving Game Cutie Quake Ant Arena
Warthog Launch Fuzzy McFluffenstein MM Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2
Street Fighter Street Fighter 2 Flash Pinball
Commando Arena Fightman Xiao Xiao 9 Castlevania
Wrath 2 Bravesword Peanut
Dead Tree Defender Barry Potter Cat-A-Pult
Scope Assault Twilight Bella Dress Up The Matrix
Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3 Drakojan Skies Drakojan Skies 2
Drakojan Skies 3 Tron Flash Bloody Hell
Kirby Golf Online Skateboarding
Bean Hunter Zombie Terror Microlife
Fuel Transport Super Space Dogfighting Super Monkey Poop Fight
Short Bus Rampage Bomb Jack Cat-Bat
Joust Carving Pumpkins Jungle Quest
Stunt Bike 2004 Flash jig Saw Puzzle Qbert 2004
Mario Star Catcher 2 Snow Storm Little Soldiers
Big Head Boy Boomerang Mayhem


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