free strategy games flash games and java to play online

free strategy games
flash games and java to play online

free strategy games flash games and java to play online all without fees, memberships or sign ups. Shockwave flash games and java games, free strategy games of all kinds all for free. We are always adding new free strategy games both flash games and java games with no fees, memberships or sign ups. We have Mega Fun Games...

free strategy games
  Our games are Mega fun!  

free strategy games flash games and java to play online

Many of these free strategy games use shockwave
flash if you don't see them download it here free strategy games

free strategy games

angry animalsAngry Animals : play all 27 levels in this angry birds clone launch the animals to destroy the aliens. bird brainBird Brain : don't let the blue birds attack you move to make them run into each other use the teleporter or zapper.
tetris game flashTetris Game Flash : pile the falling blocks in order so they fit together with no empty spaces between them. HoT hexxagon flashHexxagon Flash : similar to the game othello with very good graphics and sounds play against the computer or another person. HoT
jewels gameJewels Game : shockwave flash switch jewels to make groups of three or more to clear those jewels from the board. CooL tron light cycleTron Light Cycle : win by causing your opponents to crash into a trail or the walls before they make you crash. PoPuLaR
peanutPeanut : score goals by flicking peanuts past the squirrels who are trying to block your shots. tron flashTron Flash : force your opponent to crash into your trails or the walls.
microlifeMicrolife : teach, feed and raise the micromax creartures as pets and save them from the catchers. battleshipBattleship : place your ships on the grid then be the first one to find and sink your opponents ships.
snow stormSnow Storm : try to plow all of the snow from the parking lotsmaking them 100% cleared. NeW Coming Soon...
Simon : repeat the color pattern sequence as long as you can. flash.
Battle Ship : play online against the computer sink your opponents battleship.
Bridges Game : connect a line across the board before your opponent does.
Checkers : just try to beat the computer at classic checkers.
Concentration : test your memory skills match the pairs of cards.
Connect Four : be the first player to line up 4 checkers in a row. java
Flash Solitaire : online playing cards popular version. flash.
Flash Tic Tac Toe : updated with flash put away your pencil and paper.
Free Tetris : pile the blocks in this java tetris version that plays well.
Frozen Bubble : combine groups of balls to remove them.
Lickety Splat : help the frog catch all of the flies in the least amount of time.
Lifesaver : click the balls, score points. miss, lose a life.
Little Wizard : learn and cast magic spells to destroy evil in the land.
Mastermind : play the old favorite mastermind on the web.
Matches : to win leave the other player with the last match.
Peg Jumper : remove all but the last peg, many challenging puzzle board layouts.
Solitaire : klondike solitaire the most popular version everybody plays.
Space Blaster : shoot and destroy the enemy space ship.
Spider Solitaire : spider solitaire another type of solitaire game.
Tictactoe : tictactoe version played virtually online.

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