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Free Stupid Dance

Free Stupid Dance just what you need when you're feeling a little too serious. Our free stupid dance will set you straight so you can feel stupid too. See I told you it was stupid… Use our Free stupid dance whenever you find yourself getting too stressed out! A sound card with wave table synthesis will sound the best. Play our free stupid dance online at the MegaFunGames fun, free games arcade. Stupid Dance
stupid dance
Your buddy got a higher score than you.
oooeee! poo on you! vbnhfb! vbnhfb! oooeee!
Hip hip hurray! Yippeee! Hee Haw! Yahooo! Are we done yet?
Wut up yo? That's enough already!   Can I go now? It's past my bedtime!   Call me for dinner! I need a banana!   What me worry?
Boogie woogie! Yowie! Boogie woogie! Hotsy totsy! Well now! Time to play! Electric! Geewiz! Zonkers! Kaplooey! Zoink! Hello! Zoink!
Enough now! Allrighty then! vbnhfb! Got some cheese? This is dumb!
How's your day? I have nothing to say!   Wowie! Zowie!   Oh yeah! Woah there!   &%$#@#$*&
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