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peg jumper free online

Peg jumper free online board game jump over pegs to remove them from the board. Click on the pegs you want to move, clear the peg jumper board the best solution leaves the last one in the center. Remove the pegs until there is one peg left the best score is having the last one in the center. You have to clear the board by jumping one peg over another into an empty spot. This removes the peg you jumped over from the board. Just click on a peg and if there's a valid -- horizontal or vertical -- move available, the peg will jump. If there's more then one valid move available, you'll have to choose a destination. To win you have to end up with only one peg. The best solution for peg jumper free game online has this peg in the center. Peg Jumper Play the peg jumper free online at the MegaFunGames fun, free games arcade. online Great game deals.
peg jumper free online
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