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iceblox game

Iceblox game a free online game were you push the iceblox into the flames before they get you. You are a penguin being chased by flames your only defense is to push the iceblox in to the flames. You start playing the iceblox game by clicking on the iceblox game to activate it and press SPACE to start. Use these keyboard keys to steer the penguin who will push the iceblox: A for left, D for right, K for up, M for down. In playing free iceblox game you try not to left the flames touch the penguin. try to get all of the coins frozen into the iceblox. repeatedly running into an iceblox will crack it and remove it. You get 100 points for each coin, if you get all of the coins you win that level. Iceblox Game Play our iceblox game online at the MegaFunGames fun, free games arcade.
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Use SPACE to start, A for left, D for right, K for up, M for down
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