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Game Quiz

Game Quiz a free online game you answer questions about popular games to see if you know the answers. In game quiz you score more points by answering correctly of course silly. This free game quiz is an online quiz game, you play game quiz by clicking the button next to the answer you chose, then push the scoring button at the bottom. Game Quiz Test your gaming knowledge and see how many of our questions you can answer. If you can come up with some good questions and answers tell us about it and we will post it giving you credit for it. Play our game quiz online at the MegaFunGames fun, free games arcade.
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1. WARM-UP: Who created the famous WarCraft 2?

Sierra On-Line
Blizzard Entertainment

2. This famous 3D shooter claimed PC Gamer's Game of 1994 Award.

Wolfenstein 3D

3. What is the first intergalatic combat game. Name it.

Master of Orion
Star Control
Star Trek

4. The game with no graphics was this classic by Roberta Williams.

King's Quest
Mystery House
Time Zone
Mission: Asteriod

5. The first real-time strategy game was:

WarCraft: Orcs & Humans
Command & Conquer
Dune 2

6. In PC Gamer, Quake won these 'of-the-year' awards (1996):

Best Game, Best Action Game
Best Action Game, Best Multiplayer
Best Sound Effects, Best Multiplayer
All of the above

7. The best selling game of all time is:

WarCraft 2
C&C: Red Alert
Sim City
King's Quest 5

8. This is a turn-based strategy game:

C&C: Red Alert
Might and Magic 3
Heroes of Might and Magic
Daggerfall: The Elder Scrolls

9. PC Gamer's Best Game of 1996 went to:

C&C: Red Alert
Tomb Raider
Civilization 2

10. Blizzard's release, Diablo is a:

Role Playing Game
2D Action Game
3D Action Game

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