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Drakojan Skies

Drakojan Skies Game a cool flash game where you fly your jet, then fire missiles and rockets at the approaching EDU enemy jets. You battle above the drakojan skies to fight for the local people. free drakojan skies game is played by shooting down the attacking jet squadron to score points and keep yourself alive, each impact will cause you to lose a life. The drakojan skies is played using the arrow keys to fly, press the c key to fire missiles and the x key to fire rockets. This is Mission 1 of the free drakojan skies game there are 3 missions that you can play, links to the other missions are provided below. Play drakojan skies game online at the MegaFunGames fun, free games arcade.

Mission 1 | Mission 2 | Mission 3

drakojan skies game
Played 1 game? You might as well play 2.
Sorry, you will need the <a href="https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">Flash Player</a> to play Drakojan Skies Game.
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