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Pacman 4k Pacman 4k Download Pacman 4k Download File 
Pacman 4K is a tiny little Pacman game is plays surprisingly well. The game program is only 4 kilobytes in size and has all of the features of the game. Use the arrow keys to control the direction of Pacman. The game of Pacman is very popular and many people search for it on the internet.
 Downloaded: 2300 times | Filesize: 5.77 KB | OS: Windows

Pacman Excel Pacman Excel Download Pacman Excel Download File 
This is a Pacman game that was written in Excel. Open the Pacman excel game in excel and select the game as a macro. Use the arrow keys to move Pacman.
 Downloaded: 1994 times | Filesize: 15.12 KB | OS: Windows

Pcman 1982 Pcman 1982 Download Pcman 1982 Download File 
Pcman 1982 is actually a much sought out version of the Pacman game. This old arcade game is played using the keyboard and uses the arrow keys to navigate the maze.
 Downloaded: 2425 times | Filesize: 7.13 KB | OS: Windows

Rush Hour Rush Hour Download Rush Hour Download File 
Rush Hour is a puzzle strategy game. Get through the rush hour, by managing the flow of traffic by controlling the 5 traffic lights. Try to get the lowest possible score. Top 15 scores are displayed by hitting F3.
 Downloaded: 1791 times | Filesize: 36.58 KB | OS: Windows

Skateboarding Skateboarding Download Skateboarding Download File 
Skateboarding is a popular sport and it can be played on your desktop. use the arrow keys to control the skateboarder to go faster push the right arrow key several times. Practice jumping over obstacles and down stairs.
 Downloaded: 1689 times | Filesize: 96.07 KB | OS: Windows

Sopwith Sopwith Download Sopwith Download File 
Sopwith is an airplane bombing game. The airplane is a Sopwith Camel use the keyboard or joystick to play. The < key makes the airplane go up, the question mark key makes it go down. Drop bombs with the B key and the forward gun is fired using the space bar.
 Downloaded: 1230 times | Filesize: 26.13 KB | OS: Windows

Space War Space War Download Space War Download File 
Space War a classic arcade game where you try to destroy your opponents ship without being sucked into the black hole at the center of the screen. Space War is a two player game each players controls are listed under Game, Settings.
 Downloaded: 1280 times | Filesize: 48.85 KB | OS: Windows

Squash Squash Download Squash Download File 
Squash is similar to Whack A Mole in that you use a hammer to squash flies landing in the game board. Go to Game then New to start a new game you can also configure several options in the game.
 Downloaded: 1076 times | Filesize: 15.35 KB | OS: Windows

Visual Model Builder Visual Model Builder Download Visual Model Builder Download File 
Visual Model builder is a virtual cad type of game were you construct 3d models in various configurations that you can choose. Try out visual model builder it is interesting.
 Downloaded: 1372 times | Filesize: 230.29 KB | OS: Windows

Word Wacko Word Wacko Download Word Wacko Download File 
Word Wacko is a clone of Mad Libs it lets you enter words which will be substituted (replaced) in a story. When it first starts up a story, it finds all the words which will be substituted for. Like mad Libs then asks you for the word substitutions. Lastly, Word Wacko creates the final story with your words substituted.
 Downloaded: 1138 times | Filesize: 107.53 KB | OS: Windows

Ywoop Ywoop Download Ywoop Download File 
Ywoop is less of a game and more of a novelty. It can tell you what your weight would be on the sun, moon and various planets in our solar system.
 Downloaded: 918 times | Filesize: 5.36 KB | OS: Windows

Zerothzone Zerothzone Download Zerothzone Download File 
Zeroth Zone is a space game were you protect the planet from ships. Take your ship through all of the zones and past the crystal gate. Play using a keyboard or joystick. Use the arrow keys to move, the space bar to fire and the ctrl key to drop bombs. Collect the fuel tanks as you go to maintain your fuel supply. Keep the ships launch from the surface of the planet.
 Downloaded: 1165 times | Filesize: 248.21 KB | OS: Windows

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