free crappy games flash games and java to play online

Free Crappy Games
Flash Games and Java to play Online

Free Crappy Games Flash Games and Java to play Online all without fees, memberships or sign ups. Shockwave flash games and java games, free crappy games of all kinds all for free. Free crappy games are games that are stupid or poor of quality that don't have very good game play. Unfortunately we are always adding new free crappy games both flash games and java games with no fees, memberships or sign ups. We have Mega Fun Games...
free crappy games flash java online play shockwave free crappy games to play online
free crappy games
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Free Crappy Games Flash Games and Java to play Online

Many of these free crappy games use Shockwave
Flash if you don't see them download it here free crappy games

Free Crappy Games

pig_latin_translatorPig Latin Translator : online translator translates your language to Pig Latin. PoPuLaR ball toyBall Toy : a pointless shockwave flash bouncing balls game but it's amusing to play.
dancing baby danceDancing Baby Dance : control the movements of the dancing baby create your own dance combinations. falling starsFalling Stars : your space ship is grounded on a planet and can't take off save it from the falling stars.
Age Calculator : calculate your age in many different time formats. PoPuLaR
Ascii Pong : an old javascript version of pong made with forms and ascii characters.
Bouncing Balls : a useless interesting novelty using java.
Game Quiz : test your knowledge see if you know your gaming stuff.
Guess My Number : guess the computers number in the least number of tries.
Lights Out : check boxes with the mouse to turn off all the lights.
Mario 2 : defeat kinko, collect coins and save the princess.
Past Life Predictor : find out what you were like in your past life.
Simple Draw : a small flash drawing board make colored shapes, lines, colors.
Shooting Gallery : shoot the ducks what arcade would be complete without this?
Stupid Dance : well what can we say? It's stupid, see for yourself. STuPiD
Tetris : an old java version stack and fit the falling blocks together.

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