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Free games online to play and download

Free games online to play and download all without fees, memberships or sign ups. Shockwave flash games and java games from arcade games to sports games all for free. Action, arcade, casino, crappy, miscellaneous, puzzles, sports, and strategy online free games of all types to play at home, school, or work. Many free games online to play and download, we have free MegaFunGames here at MegaFunGames.
free frogger
This site has Mega Fun Games!

spank the monkeySpank the Monkey
spank the monkey as fast as you can to get the highest speed and the best score.
Airplane Flight Simulation : realistic 3D flight, control the take off and flight with the stick Do loops and cork screws with smoke and camera views.
Super PCman Flash : help Super PCman destroy cars with laser eye ray.
Space Hunter : shoot enemy fighters and base ship with laser fire.
Falcon Fighter Jet : shoot airplanes and tanks with bombs and missiles.
Shooting Range : try to hit the moving target with the rifle fire.
Shark Attack : rescue the victims from being eaten by sharks.
Risky Whisky : smuggle whiskey through back roads driving your pickup truck.

Flash Lunar Lander : updated with better graphics and playing field.
Space Invaders Flash : flash good graphics, sound, high score list.
Flash Asteroids : a newer version of this old favorite.
Frogger : another frogger version avoid the water, crocodiles and cars.
Flash Pinball : play a pinball machine, hit bumpers, drop the targets.
Dig Dug : a Dig Dug clone avoid the creatures digging around trying to get you.
Sonic the Hedgehog : sonic the hedgehog catch and collect the rings score points.

Gaming Club SlotsGaming Club Slots
free online shockwave flash casino slot machine game try to hit the jackpot. play as often as you wish.
Riverbelle Slots : with a nautical theme, wonderful graphics and sounds.
Lucky Nugget Slots : a western mining theme, push the dynamite plunger to spin.
Riverbelle Blackjack : top quality shockwave blackjack game, nice graphics.
Roulette : place your bet, choose your number and spin the roulette wheel.
Shell Game :shuffle the shells choose which shell has the ball under it.

marioMario 2
try this side scroller. can you defeat kinko, collect coins and save the princess?
Age Calculator : calculate your age in many different time formats.
Bouncing Balls : a useless interesting novelty using java.
Past Life Predictor : find out what you were like in your past life.
Pig Latin Translator : translates your language to Pig Latin.
Stupid Dance : well what can we say? It's stupid, see for yourself.

virtual drumsVirtual Drums
play virtual drums online with your mouse you can play the high hat, cymbals, toms, bass drum and all.
Funny Slogan Creator : type in a word create funny slogans, see what comes out.
Ant City : burn cars, trees, helicopter or people with a huge magnifying glass.
Mega Mad Libs : our own version of the popular word game Mad Libs.
Fartmatic 5000 : somewhat crude not lude but amusing - shockwave flash.
Model Railroad : control 5 trains, cars, buildings, sounds, cable cars.

rush hourRush Hour
move the trains and trucks out of the way to clear a path to get the red car to the exit a puzzle written in java.
Word Search Puzzle Creator : create and print your own word search puzzles.
Super 3D Maze : very large square or hex mazes and navigate through and solve.
Jigsaw Puzzle : solve this jigsaw puzzle written in flash.
Mahjongg : old chinese puzzle remove matching tiles to solve.
Sudoku Puzzle Solver : instantly get the solution to your sudoku brain teaser.

curve ballCurve Ball
a new twist on Ping Pong played inside of a 3D wire frame tube. This is a very popular version of the ping pong game.
Basketball : shoot as many virtual baskets as you can. flash
Baseball : flash game throw a pitch, bat get a home run one or two players.
3D Driver - drive the car without hitting the obstacles stay on the road.
Flash Soccer : keep the soccer ball up in the air for as long as you can.
Horse Racing : choose your winner off they go, watch the race, see who wins.

Hexxagon FlashHexxagon Flash
similar to the game Othello with very good graphics and sounds play against the computer or another person.
Jewels Game : shockwave flash remove the jewels from the board.
Battleship : try to figure out where your opponents ships are and sink them.
Solitaire : online playing cards popular flash version.
Tetris Game Flash : pile the falling blocks in compact order.
Tron Light Cycle : win by crashing your opponent into your trail.
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