free games flash games and java to play online

free games
flash games and java to play online

Free Games Flash Games and Java to play Online all without fees, memberships or sign ups. Shockwave flash games and java games, free games of all kinds all for free. We are always adding new free games both flash games and java games with no fees, memberships or sign ups. We have Mega Fun Games...

free games
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free games flash games and java to play online

Many of these free games use Shockwave
Flash if you don't see them download it here free games

free miscellaneous games

ant cityAnt City : look at and burn cars, trees, helicopter or people in the city with a huge magnifying glass. chili timeChili Time : be the first against the computer to eat all of your chili peppers.
fartmatic 5000Fartmatic 5000 : an amusing shockwave flash machine that can be adjusted to produce many different kinds of fart sounds from wet to explosive. model railroadModel Railroad : control 5 trains, cars, buildings, sounds, cable cars. Has mountains, roads change camera views and zoom in.
mega mad libsMega Mad Libs : our own version of the popular game Mad Libs put in your words and create your own silly story. virtual drumsVirtual Drums : play virtual drums online with your mouse you can play the high hat, cymbals, toms, bass drum and all. HoT
sharp shooter alleySharp Shooter Alley : kill the snipers before they take you out, many levels and 2 types of power ups. farting nun organFarting Nun Organ : make music online with farting nuns, record and play your own songs.
barb jumpBarb Jump : a very dangerous jump rope game if you miss your jump, you'll get your limbs cut off! ant arenaAnt Arena : control your ant in a battle to the death, use good strategy don't let them hit your head or you will be killed!
barry potterBarry Potter : help Harry's younger brother to shoot the owls and witches to score points. cat-a-pultCat-A-Pult : cat-a-pult the cats into the holes not splatted into the wall.
scope assaultScope Assault : shoot as many enemies as you can in 60 seconds using your rifle scope. twilight bella dress upTwilight Bella Dress Up : choose hair styles, clothes, shoes + jewelry to dress up bella from the twilight series.
bean hunterBean Hunter : use your skill to collect as many beans as you can before time runs out. zombie terrorZombie Terror : save the frightened villagers who are trapped in a cave on an old indian burial ground.
super monkey poop fightSuper Monkey Poop Fight : throw poop at the hunters and monkeys in this jungle adventure. short bus rampageShort Bus Rampage : run over all of your fellow students with a bus before to cops get you.
cat-batCat-Bat : bat the cats over the wall to score points, more cats more points. pumpkin carvingPumpkin Carving : decorate your own halloween pumpkin online.
stunt bike 2004Stunt Bike 2004 : if you miss making a good landing from jumping over 5 busses you will crash and burn. NeW boomerang mayhemBoomerang Mayhem : the kangaroos come from all sides to gain revenge you must defend yourself from harm. NeW
Funny Slogan Creator : type in a word and see the funny slogans that are created. PoPuLaR
Flash Drums : play drums online program, record and play drum tracks.
Flash Fishing : catch fish online in a fishing contest watch out for the piranhas.
Ball Bearing : tilt the table back and forth to make the ball fall into the hole.
Ball in the Hole : drop the ball in the hole as fast as you can oddly addicting.
Book-it : grab the flying pages and put them back into the book to score.
Cliffie the Postman : help cliffie deliver the mail in the boston area.
Eagles Quest : control the eagle fly and collect the jewels.
Etch a Sketch : draw virtually online with this updated version of etch a sketch.
Psychic Ability Test : test yourself online to see if you have any psychic ability.
Shoot Bin Laden : shoot the terrorist not the hostage.
Shoot the Castle : shoot the castle with cannon balls burn it down.
Cup and Ball Game : guess which of the three cups has the ball under it.
Canoe Clobber : paddle your canoe and catch the fish while avoiding the obstacles.
Hangman game : hang man guess the word by picking letters.
Iceblox : protect yourself by pushing ice blocks into approaching flames.
Rat Maze : lead the rat through the maze using cheese as bait.
Sheep Herder : help the dogs herd the sheep to win.
Skeeter Splatter : splat the skeeters score some points.
Spirograph : like the kids play with, change colors and patterns.

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