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Online Greeting Cards

Online Greeting Cards with your favorite online games, now you can send online greeting cards that can be played with a game of your choice, you can coose the background, colors and font. How much fun would it be to send online greeting cards that have playable games built into them? This is a free service, you can send online greeting cards for any occasion any time of day. Personalize you online greeting cards by selecting the game you wish to have included with your card. The background, colors and font can all be customized. People send online greeting cards using them as a fun party invitation because the party starts early with the recipient being able to play the game you have chosen for your card.

online greeting cards

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Snake Shooter
Whack A Mole
Action Driving
3D Maze Fart Machine Street Fighter Dig Dug
3D Maze
Fart Machine
Street Fighter
Dig Dug
Breakout Checkers Connect 4 3D Driver
Connect 4
3D Driver

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If you make the background the same color as the title or text you won't be able to read it! The border of the card is the same color as the text.

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