free action games flash games and java to play online

free action games
flash games and java to play online

free action games flash games and java to play online all without fees, memberships or sign ups. shockwave flash games and java games, free action games of all kinds all for free. We are always adding new free action games both flash games and java games with no fees, memberships or sign ups. We have Mega fun Games...

free action games
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free action games flash games and java to play online

Many of these free action games use shockwave
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free action games

airplane flight simulatorSpank the Monkey : spank the monkey as fast as you can to get the highest speed and the best score. PoP star warStar War : star wars help the rebels shoot down and destroy the attacking imperial fighter ships, flash.
airplane flight simulatorAirplane Flight Simulation : realistic 3d flight, control with stick various camera angles, smoke, maneuvers. HoT super pcmanSuper Pcman Flash : help super pcman destroy cars with laser eye ray while avoiding flying debris. HoT
space hunterSpace Hunter : shoot enemy fighters and base ship with laser fire. collect different weapons. shooting rangeShooting Range : try to hit the moving target with the rifle fire, various settings for difficulty level.
snake shooterSnake Shooter : shoot the snakes that slither through town and vultures that fly in. zeldaZelda : help link defeat enemies and gain weapons in this popular rpg. CooL
risky whiskyRisky Whisky : smuggle a case of whiskey through back roads driving your pickup truck being careful not to break any bottles. frisbee dogFrisbee Dog : rides a skateboard while catching frisbees, be careful if you catch a hand grenade he will explode!
dragonball zDragonball Z : 2 players battle in this fighting scenario, choose your characters then attack with your weapons. half-lifeHalf-Life 2 Total Mayhem : shoot the snipers in the buildings they will try to kill you, half-life uses the original graphics.
cutie quakeCutie Quake : shoot all of the cuties without them shooting back, be careful if you are shot the challenge is ended. warthog launchWarthog Launch : explode the hand grenades under the warthog to launch it to kill the creatures, very addicting!
fuzzy mcfluffensteinFuzzy McFluffenstein Mouse Mash : Jump on the mice to explode their blood and guts to keep fuzzy alive. fuzzy mcfluffenstein 2Fuzzy McFluffenstein 2 : the sequel to fuzzy mcfluffenstein explode more mice to score points and live.
street fighterStreet Fighter : fight among 8 opponents in 3 matches throwing punches and kicks to win the title. street fighter 2Street Fighter 2 : the sequel to the street fighter battle, will you win the next 3 rounds?
commando arenaCommando Arena : destroy the attacking enemy mechanoid robots by firing your laser cannon. fightman xiao xiao 9Fightman Xiao Xiao 9 : defeat the attacking enemies using kungfu punches, kicks and jumping kicks.
castlevaniaCastlevania : an adventure to kill the zombies and bats using your whip. wrath 2Wrath 2 : destroy all of the people and animals using lightening bolts and floods.
braveswordBravesword : a medieval sword fighting battle for 2 players. dead tree defenderDead Tree Defender : up in a dead tree on platforms defend your tree shooting arrows at the enemy.
matrixThe Matrix : play as Neo and use ninja moves fighting and shooting your opponent for 1 or 2 players. fuzzy mcfluffenstein 3Fuzzy McFluffenstein 3 : now the hamsters shoot back and the mice have rocket packs to fly after and attack fuzzy.
drakojan skiesDrakojan Skies : Mission 1 shoot rockets and missiles from your jet fighter to protect the drakojan people. drakojan skies 2Drakojan Skies 2 : Mission 2 shoot rockets and missiles from your jet fighter to protect the drakojan people.
drakojan skies 3Drakojan Skies 3 : Mission 3 shoot rockets and missiles from your jet fighter to protect the drakojan people. bloody hellBloody Hell : shoot, burn and blow up the approaching creatures oin the army of hell.
kirbyKirby : Fly around and inhale the other creatures holding them in kirby mouth, exhale to shoot them as a weapon. fuel transportFuel Transport : fight off tanks and helicopters that are trying to stop you from delivering to your base.
super space dogfightingSuper Space Dogfighting : destroy your enemies in space as you battle in a dogfight. bomb jackBomb Jack : collect all of the bombs before they explode destroying the cities.
little soldiersLittle Soldiers : as a military expert you are given orders and a mission to perform. NeW Coming Soon...
Mario : watch out for the turtles, collect coins and save the princess.
Super Mario Halloween Bash : save mario from dracula in halloween world.
Shark Attack : rescue your friends from being eaten by sharks.
Falcon Fighter Jet : shoot airplanes and tanks with bombs and missiles.
Helicopter Flight Simulator RC : realistic remote control helicopter action. HoT
Samurai Warrior : use your sword to defeat the attacking army.
Squid Hunter : under water in a sub, harpoon squids, good graphics and sound effects.
Star Fighter Fury : shoot attacking space ships, fast action, lots of bullets and explosions.
Tank Wars : a battle between two tanks fire shells at each other to win.
Mars Rover : protect mars from falling bombs, lots of bullets flying.
Tail Gunner : shoot and destroy the space ships that approach.
Warp : shoot the targets with your tank.
Web War : fly through wire frame tunnels, shoot the space ships.
Absolute Space : shoot the meteorites keep them at bay.
Air Fox Destroyer : fly overhead and destroy the floating carrier cities.
Defender of the Moon : protect the base from the attacking space ships.
Road Racer : a race against time avoid trucks - guard rails don't use up your fuel.
Smash the Bugs : smash the green bugs, without squashing the red bugs.
Zapper Space Ship Shooter : destroy the attacking space ships.
Crazy Balls : flash use the pole to hit and remove the crazy balls.
Iridium Space Fighter : knock out enemy fighters save the planet irue.
Moon Raider : shoot the space ships with your lasers.
Sky Fighters : use laser cannons to shoot and bow up enemy planes.
Shoot em All : shoot and kill your enemies using a high powered hand gun.
Space Flight Simulator : fly through space to the stars.
Star Base Defender : protect the base from colliding planets and asteroids.
Torpedo Alley : sink the ships with your submarine.
Tux on the Run - help the penguin collect coins and gems.
UFO Attack : manually target and shoot the invading space ships with missiles.
Alien Invasion : kill the aliens taking over the city.

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